Просто фантастика
[Prosto fantastika]

Russia, Gomel'skoye Radio 107,4 FM 2008
Просто фантастика | Russia, Gomel`skoye Radio 107,4 FM 2008
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Title: Просто фантастика
[Prosto fantastika]
Type: Audiobook
Country: Russia
Publisher: Gomel'skoye Radio 107,4 FM
Date: --/2008
Binding: file
Cover Art:
Note: MP3, 2.63 GB / Running time: 24:31:09 / Russian radio project, broadcast 2008/2009. Read by Yevgeniy Kolosov
This edition contains the following 2 works by Clifford D. Simak
Когда в доме одиноко (A Death in the House, 1959)
[Kogda v dome odinoko]
- Story
- Russian
- Note: Read by Yevgeniy Kolosov
Я весь внутри плачу (I am Crying All Inside, 1969)
[Ya vesʹ vnutri plachu]
- Story
- Russian
- Note: Read by Yevgeniy Kolosov