USSR, Mir 1985
Лалангамена | USSR, Mir 1985 | Cover: Soshinskaya, Kira
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Editor: Babenko, Vitaliy / Bakanov, Vladimir
Title: Лалангамена
Type: Anthology
Country: USSR
Publisher: Moskva: Mir
Date: --/1985
Series: Zarubezhnaya fantastika
ISBN: 5-03-001269-9
Pages: 446
Binding: paperback
Cover Art: Soshinskaya, Kira
Note: 1st printing 1985, 2nd printing 1988
This edition contains the following 1 work by Clifford D. Simak
Когда в доме одиноко (A Death in the House, 1959)
[Kogda v dome odinoko]
- Story
- p. 125-152
- Russian, translated by: Vasilyeva, Svetlana