Terra incognita

Italy, Mondadori 1976
Terra incognita | Italy, Mondadori 1976 | Cover: Thole, Karel
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Editor: Elwood, Roger / Moskowitz, Sam
Title: Terra incognita
Type: Anthology
Country: Italy
Publisher: Milano: Mondadori
Date: 02/1976
Series: Urania 690
Price: L 600
Pages: 184
Binding: paperback
Cover Art: Thole, Karel
Note: Italian editition of the anthology 'Alien Earth and Other Stories'
This edition contains the following 1 work by Clifford D. Simak
La macchina di Pascal (The Loot of Time, 1938)
- Story
- p. 105-134*
- Italian, translated by: de Castiglione, Maria Benedetta