Italy, Dall'Oglio 1973
Zoo-Fantascienza | Italy, Dall`Oglio 1973 | Cover: Buzzati, Dino
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Editor: Silverberg, Robert / Cremaschi, Inìsero
Title: Zoo-Fantascienza
Type: Anthology
Country: Italy
Publisher: Milano: Dall'Oglio
Date: 10/1973
Series: Andromeda 9
Price: L 4000
Pages: 360
Binding: hardcover
Cover Art: Buzzati, Dino
Note: Italian edition of the anthology 'The Science Fiction Bestiary', supplemented with Italian stories
This edition contains the following 1 work by Clifford D. Simak
E cadde morta (Drop Dead, 1956)
- Story
- p. 173-210*
- Italian, translated by: Silva, Maria