Les Vents de Gath

France, Opta 1975
Les Vents de Gath | France, Opta 1975 | Cover: Bilal, Enki
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Author: Tubb, E.C. [+ Brown / Reynolds / Simak]
Title: Les Vents de Gath
Type: Anthology
Country: France
Publisher: Paris: Opta
Date: 01/1975
Series: Galaxie-bis n° 40/129
ISBN: ---
Price: F 9.00
Pages: 256
Binding: booklet
Cover Art: Bilal, Enki
Note: 1st quarter 1975. This Publication contains the novel 'The Winds of Gath' by E.C. Tubb and also the stories 'Dark Interlude' by Frederic Brown and Mack Reynolds and 'Worrywart' by Clifford D. Simak
This edition contains the following 1 work by Clifford D. Simak
Bile à gogo (Worrywart, 1953)
- Story
- p. 219-252
- French, translated by: Canet, Charles