Héritiers des étoiles

France, Denoël 1983
Héritiers des étoiles | France, Denoël 1983 | Cover: Dumont, Stéphane
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Author: Simak, Clifford D.
Title: Héritiers des étoiles
Type: Novel [Single issue]
Country: France
Publisher: Paris: Denoël
Date: 06/1983
Series: Présence du futur n° 226
ISBN: 2-207-30266-0
Price: catégorie 2
Pages: 256
Binding: paperback
Cover Art: Dumont, Stéphane
Note: The same cover page as 1978, but now with ISBN number
This edition is a single issue of the following work by Clifford D. Simak:
Héritiers des étoiles (A Heritage of Stars, 1977)
- Novel
- French, translated by: Saunier, Claude