Миг от бурята
[Mig ot buryata]

Bulgaria, Neokhron 1994
Миг от бурята | Bulgaria, Neokhron 1994
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Editor: Sŭmnalieva, Ts. / Runev, Iv.
Title: Миг от бурята
[Mig ot buryata]
Type: Anthology
Country: Bulgaria
Publisher: Plovdiv: Neokhron
Date: --/1994
Series: SF Trilŭr, № 21
Price: лв 22.00
Pages: 192
Binding: paperback
Cover Art:
This edition contains the following 1 work by Clifford D. Simak
Да паднеш като мъртъв (Drop Dead, 1956)
[Da padnesh kato mŭrtŭv]
- Story
- p. 3-46*
- Bulgarian