The Trouble with Tycho

Story, first published: Amazing Stories, Oct. 1960

Classic example of the good old space adventure tale. Mining prospectors on the Moon, lost expeditions, haunted crater, wonderfully "alien" aliens. I loved the "wild west" feel to the story (told with a "small town" space cowboy flavour), a touch of romance, wholesome goodness throughout the dialogue and action, and of course, spectacular background and set pieces. Definitely a highlight of my reading experience for this summer. Its a part ghost story, part "wilderness trek" story, part "treasure hunt" - with "living energy" and "crystal egg morph" aliens to make the life and work on the Moon very interesting. Understated splendor and muted heroics make this action tale a study in pulp fiction elegance.

Abrams, Avi: Science Fiction and Fantasy Reading Experience: Clifford D. Simak

Jackson is a small town boy on the moon, sent there by a syndicate of the businessmen from his home town and trying to make it rich. While on his normal business, he runs into Amelia in a broken down lunar vehicle. Amelia is on the moon trying to finish something that her brother started, and not getting very far in the process. Together they see a chance to finally make it big by venturing into the forbidden moon area known as Tycho.

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