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History of this bibliography

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January 2, 2021

I wish all visitors to my site a happy new year. Let's hope that this year we overcome the Corona epidemic!
I didn't quite get my year-end update for 2020 done in the old year. But here it is now, just a few days late.

New additions to the bibliography include:

Additions and corrections:


August 1, 2020

The day after tomorrow Cliff would have been 116 years old. On this day I will be on holiday - therefore my summer update already today.

Newly included in the bibliography:

Additions and corrections:


April 25, 2020

On the occasion of the 32nd anniversary of Clifford Simak's death and the 7th anniversary of my bibliography here my spring update. Maybe I'll actually manage to get my updates to come regularly now.

Newly included in the bibliography:

Additions and corrections:

  • The anthology "Overruled!" has been released by Baen in April as announced. The included Simak story is "How-2". This was added to the database.
  • This output is also available as e-Book.


December 31, 2019

I actually wanted to try to keep a certain rhythm with my updates. These should always be released in April (on the day Cliff died), in August (on his birthday) and at the end of the year. I didn't manage that this year for various reasons. On the contrary: There hasn't been an update for more than a year - the gap has never been so big. Therefore, just before the turn of the year, I've decided to do an update after all. Luckily there was not so much new in the last months, so that I was able to do that.

Newly included in the bibliography:

  • Print editions
    • In 2017, 2 novels were published in Ukrainian for the first time ("The Goblin Reservation" and "All Flesh is Grass"). In December 2018 three more novels by Simak were published in quick succession. All 3 books were published in a "normal" as well as in a "divan edition" with different title design:
    • In November 2019 the omnibus "American Science Fiction: Four Classic Novels 1960-1966" has been published It contains 4 novels, including Clifford Simak's "Way Station"
    • Already in February 2018, an English-language edition of "Hellhounds of the Cosmos" was published in Russia.
    • India has now also entered the market of public domain exploitation. There appeared Empire as a book in English language. The book is distributed worldwide, but the ISBN refers to India.
    • Another redundant release experienced The World That Couldn't Be. It was released in September 2019 under the label "Independently Published"
    • In Belarus the anthology Погружение was published, it contains two Simak stories: "Gunsmoke Interlude" (first time in Russian) and "I Had No Head and My Eyes Were Floating Way Up in the Air"
    • In Italy, two new editions from the series "Le grandi storie della fantascienza", edited by Asimov and Greenberg, were published in 2016 and 2017, which I had not yet noticed.
      • 2016 vol. 20 with "The Big Front Yard"
      • 2017 vol. 21 with "A Death in a House"
    • The most remarkable new publication comes from Spain. There in November with "Ciutat" the first Catalan translation of a Simak book was published. Of course it is "City". This is the 36th language into which the works of Clifford Simak have been translated!
    • For April 2020 a new anthology with the title "Overruled!" is announced at Baen Books. This should contain a Simak story - which one I could not find out yet.
    • Dave Wixon wrote in a forum that already in January 2020 five more volumes (4-8) of the series The Complete Short Fiction of Clifford D. Simak will be published as print editions. But so far they are not yet available on the relevant sales sites (Amazon and Co.). Therefore I have not included them yet
  • E-Books
    • The mentioned bus "American Science Fiction: Four Classic Novels 1960-1966" with "Way Station" is also available as e-book.
    • At "Reading Essentials" in Canada another issue of "Empire" has been published.
    • "Empire" is also the eponym of the anthology "Empire and Other Golden Age Science Fiction Stories", published in May by Halcyon Press. Besides the novel it contains all public domain stories, i.e. "Hellhounds of the Cosmos", "Project Mastodon", "Second Childhood", "The Street That Wasn't There" and "The World That Couldn't Be".
      I didn't find this publication at Amazon, but exclusively at Barnes & Noble.
    • In the last update I had reported about e-books from South Korea. Now there is another release from The World That Couldn't Be in korean
  • Audio releases

Supplements and corrections

  • It could be determined which narrative is contained in the Swedish anthology "Första Stora Science Fiction Boken" from 1997. It's "Grotto of the Dancing Deer."
  • Furthermore, the mystery was finally solved, which story is in "The Best of Galaxy. Volume Two" is included. It's "Second Childhood". Thanks to Scott Henderson.
  • Approx. 10 cover pictures were exchanged by better ones


  • The guestbook was already shut down once in January 2019 and then again since the beginning of December. The reason were technical changes at my provider. The last change was to PHP 7, so my guestbook did not work. The programmer of the MGB-Guestbook used by mit has apparently stopped working and does not offer downloads anymore. At that time I had neglected to download his last version, which was PHP-7 compatible. Fortunately I found the version at a foreign source and was able to install it successfully. Google reCaptcha 2.0 is now used as a security check. I hope this will be effective against spammers. You have to know that there are only 31 "real" entries in the guestbook so far. On the other hand there were thousands (!) of spam entries, which I had to delete without the normal visitor noticing anything.
  • The guestbook is now open again!


December 26, 2018

Shortly before the end of the year finally an update again. I had already planned it in August, but unfortunately I couldn't find the time again. I wish you all happy holidays and a good year 2019!

New additions to the bibliography were:

  • Print issues
    • The episode novel "City" is now also available in Georgian under the title ქალაქი [Kalaki]. It already appeared in 2017, but I discovered it only now.
    • This year "City" was also published for the first time in Romanian under the title Orașul. City is now available in 27 languages!
    • And again "City": After the novel was published in February 2018 in Russia in a Omnibus, it was published again in September as a single issue with the title Город [Gorod].
    • The narrative "I Had No Head and My Eyes Were Floating Way Up in the Air", which was published in 2015, now had its first translation. It appeared in the Russian-language magazine "Mlechnyy Put'" ("Milky Way") № 1, 2018, which is published in Israel.
    • In the Ukraine Isaac Asimov published Anthology "Before the Golden Age" in russian language, including the story "The World of the Red Sun".
    • To the English publications: Open Road Media has published 5 novels in print so far. In August and September 2018 a further 8 novels were published in rapid succession: This means that 13 of the 18 novels available as e-books from Open Road Media are now available in print. The following are still missing: "The Fellowship of the Talisman", "Our Children's Children", "Out of their Minds", "Project Pope" and "Shakespeare's Planet".
    • In the magazine Black Infinty #3 was the Simak story "Good Night, Mr. James" under the title "Duplicate Man" and there is also a photo of the table of contents where this story is listed. The magazine was then unavailable for a few weeks and is now available on the sales portals without the Simak story. Apparently there were copyright problems here. It is not quite sure if the magazine was ever delivered with the Simak story.
    • The public domain titles have also been reprinted several times again The prices are getting more and more outrageous. For example, the June 12th issue of Empire costs $28! I hope very much that this nonsense stops sometime. After all, we have been spared further publications since August.

Additions and corrections

  • The title of the Russian audio book anthology Созвездие Льва-3 has been extended to Созвездие Льва-3: Приход ночи and the year of publication has been set for 2017.
  • Approximately 5 title pictures were exchanged for better ones


April 25, 2018

Today is the 30th anniversary of the death of Clifford Simak and it is also the 5th anniversary of my website!!
I started in 2013 with 5500 publications of Clifford Simak's works in more than 2700 editions. Initially, only printed editions of his novels and stories were included in 31 languages.
Meanwhile comics, e-books, audio books, radio shows, films, TV series and even plays have been added. The bibliography now covers almost 7,000 publications in almost 3,500 editions. And there are now 35 languages.
The International Clifford Simak Bibliography has been around for 5 years now! I would like to take this opportunity to thank all readers and friends, especially those who have actively contributed to the completion through their comments and information, such as David Wixon, Zacharias Nuninga, Endre Zsoldos, Ivaylo Stoev, Roberto Maitilasso, Scott Henderson and Rüdiger Tomczak.

What's new?

Additions and corrections

  • Of the rare anthology "Science Fiction: Masters of Today" with Simak's "Desertion" Scott Henderson finally managed to find a picture. I have rectified and taken over this.
  • The classical German anthology "Robots" from 1962 with the story "Limiting Factor" apparently exists in several issues. I found a different cover picture, which I have now recorded as additional output. This book has been reprinted later under the title "Die besten Science Fiction Geschichten". Unfortunately, Diogenes Verlag Zürich is very sloppy with the correct dates of the publication, so that it can never be completely clarified when which issue with which cover picture actually appeared.
  • The Russian audio book anthology called Созвездие Льва-3 (contain in my update of June 5, 2017) has apparently still not appeared, but at you can now see several cover pictures for the individual stories. I took over the picture for the included Simak story "Коллекционер (Leg. Forst)".
  • Contrary to the original announcement, the anthology "Infinite Stars" by Bryan Thomas Schmidt contains not the Simak Story Honorable Opponent. Too bad. The book has been removed from my database.
  • About 10 pictures were exchanged for better ones.


April 11, 2018

This update was supposed to be released in August last year on the occasion of Cliff's 113rd birthday. It was almost finished, but then for some reason I got stuck with the processing of the pictures. Before I post newer releases, I deliver this update.

New in the bibliography were added:


June 5, 2017

There has been a lot happening in the last weeks and months and it was time to finally update again.

New in the bibliography were added:

Additions and corrections

  • The anthology Strangers No More, which I had already included in the update in October, then appeared in February with a slightly changed title as originally announced, as well as the e-book. The image has been corrected.
  • The following cover pictures were added
  • There were about 100 title pictures for better exchanged.

With Persian, there are now 35 languages into which the works of Clifford Simak have been translated so far!


January 18, 2017

Sometimes it is strange. Shortly after I had the last update, I stumbled on the web about information about other publications that were missing in the bibliography. In the depth search for these titles, I found more and more and even more .... Some of these releases are already a few years old. This shows me that it is probably impossible to create a complete bibliography. Soon I had so many titles together that it is now worthwhile to make a new update after less than 3 weeks. Here it is.

Newly added to the bibliography:

  • Print editions
  • E-Books
    • Baen Books has re-published several anthologies by Gardner Dozois and Jack Dann, who appeared at Ace in the eighties and nineties, as e-books. So far I had already recorded Immortals (2014 - with "Grotto of the Dancing Deer"), but already in 2013 there was published:
    • Also at Baen Books the e-books appeared of the above mentioned anthologies from Hank Davis Future Wars ... and Other Punchlines (2015, with "Honorable Opponent"), Worst Contact (2015, with "Shadow World") and If This Goes Wrong ... (2017, with "Day of Truce").
    • The anthology "Strangers No More: Tales of Alien Life by Science Fiction Masters", announced in 2017 by Dover Publications as a print edition now appeared as an E-Book. So we now also know which story is contained: It is once again "The World, That Couldn't Be".
    • Already in 2010, the anthology Beyond the Moons of Fomalhaut: A Collection of Science Fiction Stories - Vol 1 was published at ignacio hills Press. It contained the Simak story "The Street That Wasn't There".
    • The Anthology Realtà Diverse was published in the Italian e-book series "Collana Universo" in 2015. This is supposed to have included a Simak story. This e-book was apparently withdrawn from the market, which is why I have not been able to determine which story was it.
    • Last summer, something remarkable happened: on the internet platform appeared the first transfer of a Simak plant in Esperanto with Stacidomo. This is "Way Station".
  • Audio output
    • At Jimcin Recordings, a whole series of digital audio books was published in 2012 under the title "Favorite Sci-Fi Stories". In Favorite Sci-Fi Stories Volume 6 was also included "The Street That Was not There", which I had overlooked so far.

Additions and corrections

  • For the anthology Strangers No More: Tales of Alien Life by Science Fiction Masters which is to be published as a print book in March 2017, the contained Simak story could be determined: "The World, That Could not Be" (Thanks, Scott!)
  • There were about 10 pictures exchanged for better, including:
    • The British hardcover edition of Highway of Eternity. Thanks Roberto! Finally, there is a reasonable picture of this issue!

With Esperanto, there are now 34 languages into which the works of Clifford Simak have been translated so far!

nach oben

December 30, 2016

Just before the end of the year a minor update.

Newly added to the bibliography:

Additions and corrections:

nach oben

October 18, 2016

In recent months, there have been new releases and announcements. Therefore, another update.

Newly added to the bibliography are:

The following corrections and additions were made:

  • To the theater performance of How to Make a Man 1960 in Detoit I found a newspaper notation and could thereby determine the theater (Cass Theater) and the period (Dec 29, 1960 - Jan 07, 1961) closer.
  • It was possible to clarify which story is contained in the French magazine Lui, Fevrier 1964. It is "Condition of Employment" (French title "Le Nerf de la guerre").
  • I had actually made the fact that the title story "The Ghost of a Model T" did not appear in the contents list in the third volume of the series "The Complete Short Fiction of Clifford D. Simak" The error has been fixed.
  • The volumes 2 and 3 of the series "The Complete Short Fiction of Clifford D. Simak" have now actually been published as print editions. The page numbers were added.
  • 5 title pictures have been exchanged for better ones.


July 7, 2016

The bibliography has been existing for 3 years. The time was right, again to try something new: I have now decided to include movies, TV and radio broadcasts, and even stage plays.

Also with this update the following additions were made:


March 6, 2016

After a break of more than 4 months finally a update.


October 21, 2015

Yesterday, the first three e-books of the series "The Complete Short Fiction of Clifford D. Simak" appeared (see below). Reason enough for me to make a further update.


August 3, 2015

Today is the 111th birthday of Clifford Simak! On this occasion I decided to extend the functionality of my online bibliography.

  • There a lot of technical extensions and enhancements have been introduced:
    • There is now the possibility of a full text search of the entire database. This is especially of advantage when e.g. knows the name of an anthology or the title of a translated book, but do not know what works (novels or short stories) by Clifford Simak contained therein. Previously, it was so that you always had to know the original title of the work to find something. I think that this search function is a major advance. Here, for example, the search for "Open Road" - and you will find all the new books and e-books from the publishing house "Open Road Media".
    • The restriction, that you can not let all the works show at one time, was canceled. To date, if more than 200 publications to be displayed, a security question was asked whether you want to take the risk. For some settings (all languages, all countries) the opportunity was not even offered.
      Immediately you will find in the left frame "works" at the end of the list always the option to display all items. However, now only a maximum of 100 entries in the middle frame "Releases" are displayed. The other entries are listed on other results pages which can be reached via a small navigation menu as it example knows by search engines or web shops.
      Of course, the new internal search function also works with this navigation menus.
    • The list box "filter" now also has a direct effect on the items displayed in the left frame "works". Do you choose in "filter" for example "Anthologies", left in the frame "works" only the works will be displayed that are actually published in anthologies. So far, this "pre-filtering" had considered only the settings for language and country. This innovation seemed reasonable to me, because now e-books and audiobooks are added (see below), which can also be selected through the "filter". Thus, for the frame "works" now equal to all the relevant stories and novels that are actually published as e-books or audiobooks.
    • In the frame "Releases" or "Search Results" as well as in the frame "Details" you can now find symbols (pictograms), which already show at first glance whether it is a book, magazine, eBook or audiobook.
    • The "information about the plot" has been around from the very beginning in the frame "Publications" (there always at the top behind the title of the work). This function has now been introduced in the frame "Details". There you will find behind each entry in the table of contents now the -icon. So you can, for example, quickly the content summaries of all stories of a collection read consecutively. However, the texts of these abstracts are still only available in English.
    • The new features are not yet incorporated into the help. I'm working on it.
  • Also the bibliographic inventory has been significantly enhanced:
    • Newly added to the bibliography are now E-Books and Audio Editions (audio books and radio plays).
      These media can be selected on the top right list box "filter".
      I try to limit myself to official and legal issues, but it is not always easy to identify them unequivocally.
      • So far I have collected about 185 e-books.
      • Audio editions there are so far about 80 editions (CDs, tapes, online editions).
    • In the field of print editions following editions have been added:
      • the first volume of the new series "The Complete Short Fiction of Clifford D. Simak": I Am Crying All Inside and Other Stories. The book will be released in October, but I've ever shot with.
        Very important to mention is: This book will include a previously unreleased story of Simak: "I Had No Head and My Eyes Were Floating Way Up in the Air" !!! This story was written by Simak in the early seventies for Harlan Ellison's anthology "The Last Dangerous Visions", which, however - has never been released - until now. More than 40 years after the emergence of the story and 27 years after the death of its author it is now but still appear - that we may experience this yet!
      • the publisher Open Road Media, in which the new series appears, has also launched 9 novels as e-books and two of them as printed editions: City and Way Station. All of these issues appeared two weeks ago, on 21 July 2015th.
      • two new editions of "Empire", published in 2015 by Leopold Classic Library and CreateSpace. Let's see how many issues are yet to appear.
      • the English-language anthology Sense of Wonder, published 2011 by Wild Side Press, also as an e-book. It includes the story "Grotto of the Dancing Deer"
      • a new Bulgarian edition of All Flesh is Grass, published in January 2015, also as an e-book. . I find a very nice cover picture!
      • two new Russian editions:: Enchanted Pigrimage, published in May 2015, and Time and Again, which only appears these days. As it stands, the publisher Eksmo from Moscow brings out in his series "Serebryanaya kollektsiya fantastiki" ("Silver collection of Fantasy") all novels so gradually again. This is already the 6th and 7th novel.
      • two Russian print-on-demand editions from the year 2012: City and All Flesh is Grass.
      • an older Russian edition of The Goblin Reservation, published in 1991 in Kishinov what was then a part of the Soviet Union and today it is the capital of Moldova.
      • the new Polish magazine SFinks Rewolucje 01 (53) 2015, in which the story "Skirmish" is included.
      • In 2001/02 was published in the Hungarian magazine "Füles" a 15-part comic book series based on motifs from "City". Although I have no original title pages of this magazines, but I have instead received respectively the first page (of the two-side-Comics). This is certainly much more interesting for us in this case.
    • There about 70 pictures were replaced with better ones.


May 2, 2015

This website exists now already more than 2 years. And yet I always find me hitherto unknown publications. That's why I'm doing again an update. This time, it is mainly Greek books.

  • New in the bibliography are:
    • the Greek edition of "Time and Again" Πάλι και Πάλι, that appeared only recently (in December 2014)
    • the Greek Anthology Διαβάτες από τ' Αστέρια, that contains the story "Μια Αναγκαία Προϋπόθεση Εργασίας". The English original, I have not yet been identified.
    • the Greek Antholgie "Είναι Ανάμεσά μας" with the story "Skirmish" already existed in the bibliography. After the 2004 edition, it is later (ca. 2013) once again appeared with altered cover art.
    • the anthology "Ιστορίες με Εξωγήινους" (Thematiki Antholoyia epistimonikis Fantasias, Tomos 5) with the story "The Big Front Yard" we had also been collected, so far without image. Now there is the issue from 1979 with an image and brand new an earlier edition of 1978 with a different cover art.
    • for the anthology "Όλες οι Παγίδες της Γης" (Thematiki Antholoyia epistimonikis Fantasias, Tomos 2) with the story "All the Traps of Earth" there were apparently two different covers. In addition to the already existing output there is another issue with other Coverdesign (using the same image). Since I have no reliable data, both issues associated with the 1977 preliminary.
    • at Cretive Space recently appeared a reprint of the magazine Comet Stories, July 1941. This includes (once again) the story "The Street That Was not There", which wrote Clifford Simak together with Carl Jacobi.
    • Not yet released, but announced for autumn 2015, a German edition of "Science Fiction Hall of Fame Vol. 1" in two volumes. Part 1 will include "Huddling Place". It is the first German publication of a Simak story in an anthology in 26 years!
    • the Czech magazine Interpress Magazín 1968 contains a translation of "Target Generation". Unfortunately I do not have a picture yet.
    • the Czech literary magazine Světová literatura 1977/3 with a translation of "Good Night, Mr. James".
    • the new French translation of "City" is now available in paperback: Demain les chiensappeared recently in April 2015.
    • a new Russian edition of "Cemetery World": Могильник, also appeared recently in March 2015th
    • the Korean translation of the novel Way Station was published in 2013, but had been previously unnoticed by me
  • Now pictures have been added for the following existing entries:
  • There about 120 pictures were replaced with better ones.
  • I have also made technical corrections. For example, contained the first Japanese edition of The Worlds of Clifford Simak an incorrect table of contents. I assumed that all 12 original stories are included in it, but it are only the 6 stories of the first US paperback edition. This is now corrected.


February 15, 2015

I recently again a little more intense research on the Internet, especially in, and I have found there publications by Clifford D. Simak, who were unknown to me so far! Especially this time there are Thai (!) issues, which complete our bibliography.

With the Thai translations there are now 33 languages, in which were the works of Clifford Simak translated so far!


December 28, 2014

Shortly before the end of the year once again a minor update:

  • New in the bibliography are:
    • the French edition of the non-fiction book "The Solar System: Our New Front Yard": Croisière dans le cosmos, published in 1964 by Seghers
    • another Polish anthology from the series "Galaktyka Gutenberga": Ten świat musi zginąć!, just released new on December 1st, 2014. Included is the Simak story "Hellhounds of the Cosmos"
    • the Polish fan publication Rzecz z nieba, with the story "Skirmish". The exact release date is not known; probably in the 1980s
    • the US magazine in Polish language Tematy 23-24 from autumn / winter 1967 with the story "The Answers". Interesting: Zbigniew Brzeziński belonged to the editors.
    • the Polish Magazine Ameryka, Numer 177 from November / December 1973, in which the story "The Answers" was reprinted. Unfortunately I have not found a picture to it.
    • two editions of the new Italian magazine "Fantasy & Science Fiction, Edizione Italiana": Anno I, Numero 1 from June 2013 contains "All the Traps of Earth" and Anno II, Numero 7 from February 2014 contains "The Autumn Land".
    • the Italian Children's Encyclopedia Scoprimondo 12. Voli Spaziali from 1974 will contain the story "Target Generation". I have now discovered an edition of 1980 and I can only assume that it is a text-same edition.
    • two US anthologies specially printed for the Canadian market: Crossroads in Time from 1953 with "Courtesy" and Men Hunting Things of 1988 with "Good Night, Mr. James".
  • The following publications, which were previously listed as "_Unknown Original Story" could be identified:
  • The following publications were previously assigned to the wrong original:
    • the story "Cienie" in the Polish Anthology Kroki w nieznane 1 is not "No Life of Their Own" (on the site it is so specified), but it is "Shadow World". This is evident from the Encyklopedia Fantastyki page and it seems appropriate since the Polish word "Cienie" means "shadow" in English
  • Approximately 60 more images have been replaced with better ones.


December 4, 2014

And another update:

  • More than 330 images have been replaced with better ones. Among them are 180 cover images from my own collection, which I have once again been scanned. The previous pictures did not always have the maximum size of 750 pixels.
  • In recent months, several new publications have appeared again. Other older editions I have only just discovered. New in the bibliography are:
  • Now pictures have been added for the following existing entries:
  • the Simak work The Trouble with Tycho of 1960, I had been listed as a novel so far. But it is about 60 magazine pages and 80-90 normal paperback pages for a novel actually too short. Therefore, I have now downgraded it from a novel to a story. This also corresponds to the classification in the ISFDB.
  • I have also made a small technical change. In the field / frame "Details" below in the table of contents, so far the translated titles have been linked; now there are the original English titles. This can be seen, of course, only for non-English editions, e.g. in this Japanese edition.

With the Georgian translations, we can say: The works of Clifford Simak have been translated into 32 languages!


September 22, 2014

After a long time, I have now finally made an update.


December 19, 2013

The guestbook was updated to the new version MGB 0.7. As a security check, the process reCaptcha is now used to better prevent the spam.


November 1, 2013

I have exchanged about 80 more images.

Has added a picture for the Swedish version of Galaxy Nr. 13 (Sept. 1959). Unfortunately, I do not know which original story is "Bekymmer".

Brand new in the bibliography are the Spanish anthology Wonder Stories (1929-1936), published in June 2013 and contains the story "The Asteroid of Gold", as well as the Danish fanzine Nye Verdener, Nr. 3, Februar 1982 with the story "Skakmat" (presumably "Honorable opponent"). The information on the latter issue, I owe Rias Nuninga from the Philip José Farmer International Bibliography. Thank you!


September 15, 2013

Another 70 images replaced with better ones.

The following editions are new: A Russian magazine edition "Поражение" ("Beachhead") from 1990, the hardcover edition of "The Creator" from 1981, the facsimiles binder "The Complete Marvel Tales" also with "The Creator", a reproduction of the magazine "Galaxy" of June 1957 with "Lulu" and the Ukrainian anthology "Відкриття. Пошуки. Знахідки" with the story "Idiot's Crusade"

Appeared completely new are the Russian Edition "Грот танцующих оленей" ("The Grotto of the Dancing Deer"), which also contains the novel "The Goblin Reservation" next to the title story and a new translation of "City" in French.

Also, the "SF Gateway Omnibus", was already included in the Bibliography. It will appear in November 2013 and included the novels "Time is the Simplest Thing," "Way Station" and "A Choice of Gods".


August 3, 2013

Today is the 109th birthday of Clifford Simak.

I have replaced about 160 images against better onces.

New are the images of the Russian magazine "Fantastika" from the year 1990 with the story "The Money Tree" and the Hebrew edition of "Cemetery World" from 1980.

Completely new feature is the "Anthology of Sci-Fi V21" from the year 2013, which once again contains the story "Hellhounds of the Cosmos".


July 7, 2013

I have replaced about 80 more pictures with better ones.

Some pictures are a completely new addition, including the Brazilian edition of "City", the Slovenian edition of "Time and Again", two Russian editions of "The Goblin Reservation" (Amur 1990 and MP 'RID' 1991) and a Russian edition of "All Flesh is Grass" (Gylym 1991)

The two stories that are included in the Lithuanian edition of "Shakespeare's Planet" could be identified: there are "Goodnight Mr. James" and "Lulu".


June 16, 2013

In the frame works now you can see even before clicking on a work, how many releases will be displayed. Note to the gray numbers in square brackets. These numbers are based on the settings for language and country.

I have replaced another 170 images with better ones. Has added a new image to the Russian edition of "Cosmic Engineers" (Nonoparel 1991).

An edition is a completely new addition: "Science Fiction Gems, Volume Five" (Armchair Fiction 2013). It contains the story "Galactic Chest"


June 1, 2013

Now at the request of my German friends a German version of the website was created. It was necessary to revise the entire PHP programming. It can be switched on each side between German and English. On the bibliography page itself, this option is a little bit hidden. ;-)

Also, the guestbook has an English and a German user interface now.

All pages were embellished graphically. On the pages Home and Imprint details of the graphic „Frères lointains“ by Phillippe Gaudy were used, on the page Help the cover image of the French magazine Bifrost N° 22, also by Philippe Gady. On the pages Sources and History you can see cover images of Simak books that appear at random. You can click on the thumbnails and maintain the bibliographic information for each edition.

There were about 100 items exchanged for better eye images. 6 pictures are a completely new addition, including that of "Prehistoric Man".

4 new editions have been added, including the anthology "Science Fiction Super Pack #1" in two versions, which contains the story "The Big Front Yard".


May 9, 2013

Three new books have been added: A new Czech edition of "City" and two Russian books: "Way Station" as single work and a new omnibus "The Goblin Reservation" with 4 novels including "Way Station".

The warning at the option of "all novels", "all stories" etc. no longer appears as dialog box, but now as message directly in the middle frame.

If the option "by title" is selected in the list field "order", not only the English articles are ignored, but also the articles in other languages (German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Danish, Dutch, Swedish) such as The, A, Der, Die, Das, Ein, Den, De, Het, L', La, Le, Les, Az, I, Il, Gli, Un, À, O, Os, As, Las, Los, El, Al, Una, Det and Ett.


April 30, 2013

Endre Zsoldos from Hungary told me the new link of his bibliography. I've replaced it on the "Sources" page. A previously unknown original story could be assigned by him. It is "Skirmish" in the Fanzine "Millennium Stories, No 1".

In the frame "Releases" the authors (most Clifford Simak) and editors are now called.

Some erroneous entries in the database have been corrected and some pictures were exchanged, eg "The Trouble with Tycho" (Ace Double D-517).


April 25, 2013

I was born in 1958 and I am reading Science Fiction since I was ten years old. I lived in the GDR where publications of western SF authors were very rare. There were some books by Asimov, Bradbury, Sheckley and others. Until 1989 I knew only 4 stories by Clifford D. Simak which were published in different anthologies: “Lulu”, “Limiting Factor”, “All Traps of Earth” and “Drop Dead”. I found these stories extraordinary and the name Simak was graven in my subconscious.

After the fall of the wall I was often in West Berlin and searched in different second hand book stores. The offering was amazing - and I focussed at the beginning on authors I was familiar with like Asimov, Clarke and of course Simak. Just by accident, I got my hands on some of his best works: “Way Station”, “City”, “All Flesh is Grass”, “The Worlds of Clifford Simak” and “All Traps on Earth”. I loved this books so much and I decided to collect all german translations.

At this time there was no internet and all informations what books exist at all, I got from Bibliotheques. Around 1990/91 I built some small bibliographies with all novels and stories published in German or English.
At the end of 1992 I owned already all books by Simak which exist in german translations. I have read them all (some of them even several times). But there was nothing to add. (between 1987 and 2010 not one single book by Simak was published in Germany). There was nothing more to collect.

At the end of the 1990s, I had access to the internet. I think it was 1999 when I discovered at the first time the Clifford Simak Fan Page by Paul Bramscher. This site even included cover scans. I was astonished how many publications Bramscher found all over the world. I was also looking on other websites where I found more cover scans. I began to collect cover scans. I was at that time too lazy to build a proper data bank and I gave this pictures titles which already included the essential bibliographic informations. It can still be seen today when you look at the titles of my pictures.

Between 2002 and 2009, I continued my hobby only sporadic. I was involved in a lot of other activities. At the end of 2009 I found time again and the world wide web has increased enormously. In a few months I collected hundreds of other Cover scans for my collections. I found as well a lot of sites with parts of bibliographies of Simak (for example and but I was not ready yet to decide to combine these informations to an own data bank.

At the beginning of 2010 I studied in a course where I learnt HTML, Java Script, PHP and My SQL. My examen was a bibliography about Clifford D. Simak, which was already as structured like this website. But this bibliography was far away from being as extensive like today and it included only a small part of the publications (just english and german publications with a few bibliographic informations, no anthologies and no magazines).

Just in in the middle of 2012 I could dedicate more time to my hobby “Simak”. I was planning to build a proper data bank where I combine all informations to all publications of Clifford Simak from all around the world. During my research I found always new sites and new pictures and my collection increased. This work took me several months and was completed in November 2012. Beside this research I designed the web site and I learned more about PHP/JavaScipt.

Of course the official language of this site should be English. Unfortunately my knowledge of this language is very limited. The comments of the bibliographic part are translated by myself (often with the help of Google translator) but for longer texts (Home, Sources, Imprint etc.), I needed help. I got in touch with Rüdiger Tomczak who overtook this part. Many thanks, Rüdiger!

Around February 2013 the bibliography was finished in this form. We (Rüdiger and I) have checked here and there and adjusted it.

Now on April 25, 2013 the 25th Anniversary of Clifford D. Simak´s death we hand this bibliography over to the public.